5 observations about the B2B email marketing space

The strategy team here have been spending a lot of time on B2B emails recently and in doing so, we’ve noticed a lack of conversation around the topic (it is even harder to find examples, unless you’re a business that actually receive them). To help B2B Marketers we’ve listed 5 key considerations to take into account when planning your campaigns. Continue reading 5 observations about the B2B email marketing space

Oops, we’re not sorry

Every now and again email campaigns may get deployed to the wrong segment, with a spelling mistake or the odd price error – but not all ‘mistakes’  are as genuine as they might plead…

The fact that emails with ‘oops’ or ‘sorry’ in the subject line generally have increased open rates (ours increased by 10% when we faked a test subject line), it makes sense that marketers would try their luck by invoking curiosity in subscribers. So how do you go about telling a real ‘oops’ from a complete load of poop?

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