Brands Reinventing Their Strategies Amidst COVID-19

Brands Reinventing Their Strategies Amidst COVID-19

We understand the power of communication through email between brand and consumer. As a designer at Action Rocket I have the fortune of not only working at a fantastic agency but also working with some top brands.

This gives me a real insight into how different brands approach their email marketing campaigns. Strategy is something that really interests me and it’s incredibly important to keep on top of brand communications and stay up to scratch with current trends. I am a huge advocate of brand communities and love seeing how brands build their customer loyalty.

I want to explore the businesses that would traditionally (before COVID-19) rely on physical contact with their customers. Restaurants, gyms, bars and barbers for example – what are they doing to sustain their business? One thing for sure, I am in dire need of a haircut and my barber needs to hurry up and open – online tutorials are certainly not cutting it! 

I’m going to be looking at how brands are having to change their marketing communications in the current climate. Taking a closer look at how they are having to adapt their strategies to sell their products. So, here are some great examples of how brands have transformed their business models, and how they are communicating this through the power of email marketing.



SL: Satisfy those cravings…

As a designer I’m a huge fan of how Nandos have branded themselves and more importantly the design of their emails. Now I may be a little biased here as I can’t get enough of their crack covered chicken and delicious grilled halloumi, but it can’t be denied that nandos have created a power brand amongst a highly competitive market. They have also built an incredibly large and loyal brand community so inevitably people are now clucking to get their fix of Nandos chicken – I know I am. In light of those cravings, Nandos have devised a plan to engage and feed their loyal community.


Through the use of video, Nandos have created online recipes which invite you to get creative in the kitchen and at the same time get your peri-peri fix. Not only are they supplying their subscribers with cooking activities to keep them busy but it also allows them to push sales on their peri-peri sauces. Saucy tactics from Nandos!



SL: LT Live Session No.3

With Covid-19 and the effects it is having on our life-styles we are seeing many brands presenting their customers with ideas and activities that enable them to fill their time – which we certainly have plenty of. London Terrarium is a workshop that hosts classes to teach people how to build their very own terrarium. They also have an onsite shop which allows you to buy the tools and kits needed for the creation of these little beauties. Unfortunately for them they are unable to host any of their workshops – but this hasn’t stopped them. London Terrarium are very kindly hosting live sessions for all of their subscribers. Not only that but it is all done based on donations – a brand that clearly trusts their community. So by keeping their business model but slightly altering their marketing strategy, London Terrarium are able to sustain their much loved business.



SL: Pizza in the post: We’re Nationwide!

Although Pizza Pilgrims are still delivering from selected sites, they have also devised a new business strategy. They are offering DIY pizzas – so not only do we get to indulge in their famously great pizzas but we also get to experience the fun of creating them at home. It’s another great example of a business that is able to maintain a way of sustaining sales but at the same time injecting some fun into the lives of their loyal customers. Another great example of looking after their community and nurturing loyalty.


4. Lollipop

SL: Cocktail reviews, videos and 20% off for Lollipop-ers!


Lollipop are an innovative hospitality/entertainment company who create immersive experiences and cutting edge venue designs. In simple words they build crazy bars for us to have fun in! They are actually very good and I would highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys something a little bit different.

Lollipop has created a sub-brand called GULP. They have come up with the brilliant idea of offering their community hand made cocktails which are bottled and delivered, ready to drink with garnishes included. They are also offering the chance to order wines and beers from independent and small traders who would only have previously supplied restaurants and bars. Great work!

Now I haven’t included this email based on it’s design because I honestly think they could’ve injected much more of the brand’s personality and designed it a little better but I’m not here to critique the design. Lollipop and they’re sub-brand GULP have made the cut for innovative business thinking and community spirit. 

Ben Clay
Designer @ Action Rocket