Delivering Value to Your Subscribers

Delivering Value to Your Subscribers
Marketers have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders currently, with many customers turning to them for reassurance and guidance. Whilst it’s easy to get wrapped up in tactics and KPI’s, it’s important to remember how far authenticity can actually go.

Cutting through the noise in the inbox is a tough job. Especially now, when brands are fighting for customers attention more than ever. Creating and sending valuable emails is key to standing out, and can in-turn increase engagement rates. Tailoring your content to meet customer needs can help to nurture meaningful relationships. 


When creating content, marketers should be using customer information with purpose. Data insights bought to the forefront, and used to make relevant product recommendations. Stand out in the inbox through giving subscribers something unique, and adding value. A few brands have stood out to us by doing this recently. We wanted to share some examples and highlight great ways to add value to the inbox.


1. Mcdonalds

SL: Make your very own McMuffin®!

Take-away: Showcase your USP. A great way for brands to add customer value is to demonstrate brand purpose. Mcdonalds have identified their USP, and used it to their advantage. They have shown they can be adaptive, and give subscribers something unique.

2. Secret Escapes

SL: Postcards from cities we love :cityscape:

Take-away: Talk in terms of your subscribers interest. Secret Escapes have done this well through this solus email. Keeping their database warm and the list active by feeding them content they know they will be interested in.

3. Costa

SL: Something a little different from Costa. :sun_with_face:

Take-away: Be authentic. Feed subscribers with thoughtful content which is relevant to them. Costa have done a nice job of delivering a genuine message to their online community. Pulling in UGC is a great way of demonstrating the relationship between brand and consumer. It shows authentic content, and demonstrates the product or service in a less contrived way.

4. Sainsburys

SL: [Firstname], how we’re helping to stop the spread in store

Take-away: Be helpful. Supermarket brands are being heavily relied upon right now, so sending out the correct messaging is vital. Sainsbury’s used their platform to be a brand of reassurance. Instead of showcasing products, they adopted a sensitive tone and focused on highlighting important store information. Being a friendly voice to subscribers and being helpful can go hand in hand.


5. M&S

SL: Can I freeze it? Yes you can!

Take-away: Be reactive. This solus email from M&S is a great example of a brand adapting to their customers needs. Including very useful and practical information relevant to their subscribers.


6. Everyman

SL: You free tomorrow night? x

Take-away: Think outside the box. Everyman demonstrate how it pays to stay engaged with your audience. Continuing to offer customers the comfort of a familiar brand. They have launched a multichannel campaign, across email and social channels. Using a familiar subject line and a fun pre-header ‘Bring a bottle 🍾’ they are keeping the conversation alive, and showing off their fun personality.


Marketers need to be striving towards adding value. Recipients will engage with emails if they perceive that it will provide added value or service towards them. Demonstrating a human side of your brand is the most admirable thing to do right now. Show subscribers you can adapt to their needs, and supply them with relevant content when they need it.


Key take-aways:

1. Showcase your USP

2. Talk in terms of your subscribers interest

3. Be authentic

4. Be helpful

5. Be reactive

6. Think outside the box


Have any brands stood out in your inbox that we’ve missed? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter.

Bex Highfield
Marketing Manager @ Action Rocket