Want to provoke emotion in the inbox? Use Emoji’s

Receiving emoji’s in your subject lines – love it or hate it?

According to Litmus, the use of emoji’s have skyrocketed 777% year on year – increasing in popularity at such a rate, Oxford Dictionaries named an emoji ‘Word of the Year‘ in 2015.

Thanks to the emoji, subject lines are able to become a lot more expressive. The likes of 😍 and 👻 are creating a whole new language within the digital world…

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Email Inspiration: GAP Animated Christmas Email – Get your gifts there on time

Gap Europe’s last minute Christmas campaign features an interesting animated GIF – depicting a present being unwrapped, and revealing the latest order times to ensure delivery before Christmas. Whilst usually it’s advisable to avoid locking such important information within the frame of an animated image, the animation makes the campaign engaging and therefore communicates the message effectively.

Here is the animation from the campaign:

Email Inspiration: Virgin Trains Upgrade Your Status Campaign

This campaign by Virgin Trains cleverly uses common social media design styles to produce an engaging marketing email. It’s also a great example of using the design and copywriting – ‘update your status now’ together to support the message. The details of the offer are then artworked in a style broadly following the Facebook brand, using common social network elements such as photos and comments.