5 Reasons to use an email marketing agency

5 Reasons to use an email marketing agency

Working with an email marketing agency is much more than asking someone to just design you a new email. We can take everything from design, HTML build, social assets and strategy development off your hands. 

Here are some reasons we think a kick-arse email marketing agency could help:


1. Money 💸

Email provides cheaper and measurable results, compared to other forms of marketing, with Litmus reporting 47:1 ROI for email marketing!

This enables you to keep track of your campaigns and know where your leads are coming from. You can test different email outreach efforts to determine which ones make the greatest impact to your subscribers. We can advise you on what the numbers mean, and being able to measure this means you can easily calculate the ROI.

Each project is different, and as a result we will provide a bespoke package to bring you the best results. By outsourcing to an email marketing agency, you are able to save time and focus on what you do best: running your business.


2. Goals, goals, goals!

Pushing well executed email development can help you reach those KPI’s, we know the best ways to execute emails is to increase interaction. Pushing recipients towards an action within an email can increase website traffic, leads, and brand exposure.

If your brand is feeling a little stale or you are considering a change in your current email program, we have the skills to recommend programmes to suit. We look at all touch points from your customer life-cycle, prioritising which strategies would work best. Looking at programmes to suit your brand, and retain your company’s identity.

As well as email frequency, content themes and concepts we consider other channels. All will play a part in making your programmes successful, so it is important to have these aligned.


3. Specialised resource

You will be working with professionals who can manage expectations. We have a senior team of email experts, who will develop emails error free. We have the tools and expertise to streamline campaigns, offering better value for money and time.

From the start of projects we believe it is vital to form a relationship with our clients. Setting clear goals and objectives, and working with you to assess all potential gains. We like to have regular catch ups to discuss on-going projects, feedback, and any new goals.


4. Brand credibility

Email can give brands the ability to build credibility with their audience. With well crafted design, you can provide your subscribers with helpful and informative content. This could be the difference between them choosing you or a competitor.

With a fresh set of eyes you can often avoid costly mistakes, we can look at your campaign from a different perspective. We have expertise of working with a varied client base. Making us skilled in finding inventive ways to help you stay ahead of the game. We can challenge your marketing activity and open your eyes to unidentified opportunities.


5. Time

We previously looked at what marketers would do with more time here. Concluding that 31% of you would spend the extra time working on your automated programmes. This is something we can definitely help with. Always delivering accurate results in a much shorter time frame than if you were to do it alone.

A good brand has room to grow, and we love to make that happen. It’s important to move with the times but also keep branding consistent. We are aware of the latest trends and updates within the email industry. In an ever-changing digital landscape, we enjoy pushing the boundaries. Once we have the foundations right we’ll push you up a level, from interactive to AMP!


Bex Highfield

Marketing Manager @ Action Rocket

www.actionrocket.co / @​actionrocket / h​[email protected]