Marketers, what would you do with more time?

Marketers, what would you do with more time?

Why don’t we, as marketers, ever give ourselves the luxury of more time?

Aside from the obvious…robbing a bank and getting more sleep, have you ever stopped to ask yourself what you would do with more time? And how it could improve your day to day job role?

Campaign development is taking up more and more of marketers time. Really Good Emails revealed in their Unspam survey, that in 2018 the average time to complete 1 email was 5.7 business days. Which is a 12% increase in the development time from 2017. We found this really interesting and wanted to focus on this production cycle. So we decided to find out what CRM marketers would really do with more time. We took to Twitter and asked the all important question:


Calling all CRM Marketers, what would you do with more time?

  • Analyse the stats
  • Work on strategy
  • Automated programmes
  • Get out the office!


We found that 31% of you would spend the extra time working on your automated programmes. These are the emails that are central to creating customer experiences. With successful campaigns being 109% more likely to generate half your total email marketing revenue (Litmus – State of email survey 2018).

As email marketing shifts more towards these high-value emails, we’ll eventually hit a tipping point. For marketers to invest most of their time in the production of mass emails, which account for 95% of email volume but generating less than half of the revenue just doesn’t make sense. It is much more beneficial to focus this time into automated emails, accounting for 5% of email volume but the majority of email revenue.

From our survey, and both at 27% were getting out of the office and working on strategy. Stepping out of the office can increase productivity and creativity. With plenty of positive health benefits, getting away from screen time can have a positive impact on the quality of work produced. We often see marketers working themselves into the ground, without the time and resource to create the great emails they want to achieve.


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Bex Highfield

Marketing Manager @ Action Rocket / @​actionrocket / h​[email protected]