Google’s embarrassing email problem

For some time now Google have been doing their best to shake up the email experience. They’ve introduced tabs, schema, priority inbox, promotions view and most recently Inbox to name but a few features. In fact over the last couple of years it feels like Google have been doing more than anyone else to progress email.

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Infographic: Anatomy of an Apple Email

This great infographic from Flowtown is currently doing the rounds – showing some of the strategy and thinking behind Apple’s email marketing campaigns.

Apple’s campaigns are frequently held up as examples of great email marketing best practice, and most of the advice offered here is applicable to almost all campaigns for any client.

Email Inspiration: Apple Student Offer Solus Campaign

Apple Emails always seem to go down well – there’s a good balance of inspirational design and email best practice (although there’s a few simple wins that seem to get missed off). This one promotes the educational discount for students (and probably also targets parents/siblings of students too).

In a departure from the usual Apple style, the hero area is a full bleed photo, as opposed to the more regular product shot predominantly on white. This helps differentiate the education campaigns from the Apple store ones, and seems to be a running theme in non-store campaigns.

ps. please can I have a free iPad? (worth a try)