Email Inspiration: You’ve been Harvey Nicked

Email Inspiration: You’ve been Harvey Nicked

Marketers spend a lot of time thinking up clever, witty, interesting content ideas for campaigns (and spend a lot of money implementing them). What if the content you need is already sitting there in front of you; disguised as some boring yet meaningful security measure.

Harvey Nichols thought outside the box and this is the campaign they came up with. We love this idea. Click the image below, sit back and enjoy…

Date: 14th July 2015
Subject line: You’ve been Harvey Nicked!

Screenshot 2015-07-14 16.29.06

  • Jaina

    That is really clever, and a great way for people to spend more time viewing the email. Well, if they see the video. What was the fallback when there was no video? A GIF with a link I presume?

    • Millie Bartlett

      Hey Jaina, yeah the team enjoyed it! In Gmail it was just an image saying ‘Watch now’ and it takes you to YouTube.

  • becskr

    That’s mint!

  • Spark Email Newsletter Design

    I’m seeing drastic change in users mind. Initially texts was enough, then images or ifo-graphics and now Gifs’s. I’m thinking what would be the next?

  • Daniel Melbye

    Fantastic. Love it – but I thought many email readers cant play video.