Ecommerce Newsletter Inspiration

Ecommerce Newsletter Inspiration

If you send a couple of email campaigns a week with the same messages, predictable clearances and spotlight products, it’s easy to become repetitive to your subscribers. It can get frustrating for the email marketer involved, too. It’s great seeing brands get creative and trying new things to present the same messages (like this Bonobos campaign). It might take a little more time and effort but aren’t your subscribers worth it? Indeed they are.

Here are a couple of smart ideas I’ve seen in the inbox:

1. The Hide & Seek – This is pretty awesome, it had my attention as I had to scroll through their products and look for a sign (because I didn’t realise the hero/copy were clues) meanwhile seeing lots of stuff I want. The only thing that could be improved was including a small incentive, 10% off for the week, perhaps.

Motel had a similar campaign but searching for the offer codes instead of a mystery product.

Subject line: The item of the week is loose!

Great for: Driving site traffic


Subject line: Monday’s = New. Get fresh garms today!

Great for: Driving site traffic & increasing conversions

Motel Rocks Offical Store   Womens Fashion  Womens Clothes

2. Get The Look – Clothes, furniture, food, flowers – all can become more appealing as a ready-made package. But remember, it always works nicely if the product groupings have their own page or have a higher priority so users don’t have to work to find the items.
Subject line: Namaste. Calming neutrals, from £29.

Great for: Cross-selling

Namaste. Calming neutrals  from £29.

3. The Creative Clearance – Maybe you’re just looking for other ways to present your sales, text on a banner just isn’t cutting it for the creative angel on your shoulder anymore. GIF’s and live imagery are great. The extra effort really pays off, and don’t always make it about the ROI. Measuring how impressed your customers are isn’t always as obvious as some stats on a piece of paper. This one’s from Boden.

Subject line: 25% OFF ends midnight

Great for: Increasing click-throughs


4. Raters gonna rate – Drawing attention to your product reviews can be a risk but taking it on the chin and responding to customers is great for the brands reputation. This game from Topman focuses on current reviews and gets you to spot the fake ones. Complete #bantz.

Subject line: Raters gonna rate

Great for: Increasing read time

Topman copy

5. The Easter Egg – There is a lot of buzz around pixel art at the moment, and whilst not rocket science, it is still scarce amongst brands. It’s great for when images are off, whatever the reason, your subscriber will still be able to see the image and message (as well as being a big #emailgeek crowd pleaser). This example from Mike Ragan had it’s 15 minutes of fame on Reddit and received over 500,000 views. View Mike’s talk for more pixel inspiration.

Sony Playstation Store

Images off


Images on




Hopefully you’ve been inspired (or didn’t need to be because you are already doing all of the above). If there is anything you’d like to know more about, just contact us at @actionrocket / [email protected]


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