Brands Striving For Change

Brands Striving For Change
Fashion brands are known to have a large carbon footprint. From waste and pollution, to the sourcing of their materials. It’s great to see some well recognized brands are starting to use this to their advantage.

Together, making a change and becoming more environmentally conscious.
Using stand out campaigns to help educate the public on environmental issues. Here are some brands that are becoming the influencing force the world needs:

Lacoste x Save our Species

Given the Beazley Design of the Year (2018) award, the Lacoste ‘Save our species’ campaign quickly went viral. The classic white polo shirt and crocodile logo is renown for quality and finesse. The polo saw a revamp with 10 new logos last year, depicting the top 10 most endangered species in the world.
Gaining awareness for endangered animals. This also raised money for the ‘International Union for Conservation of Nature’. Through this concept, the trademark gained recognition reaching a new target market.

Adidas and Parley

Adidas and Parley paired up to launch a new range of ocean plastic recycled products. They up-cycled plastics collected from beaches, and used this to create new everyday products. Adidas introduced this upcycling into their designs, creating awareness for their brand. Pairing education and fashion whilst striving for change, creating the perfect start to making a difference.

Fast Fashion Brands 

H&M, & Other Stories, and Monki offer discount for trading in old clothes to be recycled. In the fast fashion industry there is often a huge volume of waste production. Through up-cycling, these brands are moving in the right direction.

The use of Email


Here are some examples of brands taking their environmental campaigns into email. Creating successful cross-channel campaigns across a range of platforms. Using stand-out email design, UGC, and incentives to spread their messaging.

These examples show that no matter what industry and size, striving for change can have a great impact on your brand.


Voicing your ethical stance will no doubt increase sustainability resource. Whilst also contributing positively to your business’s USP and brand awareness.

Leoni Moninska
Account Executive @ Action Rocket