#Rockettime with Sam

#Rockettime with Sam

You may know him from his 2017 Litmus debut…This months #RocketTime sees us sit down with our designer Sam! Our studio animation whizz!


Hey Sam! How did you get into your job role here? Is email something you’ve always been interested in?

I had been aware of Action Rocket for a while on Twitter, and one day I spotted Elliot at the very first Litmus conference in London. I really liked the look of the stuff they were putting out – high quality, professional and very fun.

I dropped him an email, we had a coffee and a chat, then a few weeks later I was lucky enough to join the team!

I’ve always been interested in design and nerdy internet stuff, and wanted to join somewhere that was just as excited about it as I am. I had a few previous email related roles, so I was very pleased that I could build on this somewhere as interesting as Action Rocket.


What has been a career highlight for you since working here?

Hmmm…..there have been a few for sure! But to take a very broad one, an ongoing highlight is being able to work with a wide range of very different clients.

It helps keep my thinking fresh, and they all benefit from one another. A specialised Photoshop or coding technique we develop for one can be adapted to work in a different way for someone else and vice versa. 



What has stood out to you in the email industry over the past year? A favourite email or campaign you have seen or been part of.

I’m very fond of Nike’s emails. They have been years ahead of most other brands for quite some time.

In addition to having awesome custom artwork and great animation, they also try out a lot of things. Some look incredible and other are so out-there you think WTF is this? But I love how they are not afraid to try this stuff out, and it’s how they end up with so many great designs. They are not afraid to do something that is just plain nuts (the same goes for their shoes tbh).


What are your favourite things about working for ActionRocket?

The zero-stress environment. We have grown a lot since I joined almost 5 years ago, but we have retained an environment that is always pleasant to work in. Everyone supports each other and we are quite close-knit.


What’s your favourite weekend activity?

Sleeping.  I’m an early-riser in the week and I enjoy overcompensating for this at weekends.


Leave us with an interesting fact about yourself…

I likely am the fussiest eater you will ever meet.

Bex Highfield

Marketing Manager @ Action Rocket