#Rockettime with Chris

#Rockettime with Chris

This month we sit down with Chris, our junior designer. When he’s not in the studio creating some awesome animation for our clients, you’ll find him singing at gigs across London!


Hey Chris! Welcome to this months #RocketTime! Let’s get cracking. How did you get into your job role here?

I heard about Action Rocket from a friend at uni who was a former intern of yours. It sounded just the thing for me so I got in touch and secured an interview. After 3 months of interning I was offered a permanent junior design role and here I am!

Where did your interest in design begin and has it always been in the digital form?

I think from a young age I’ve always been interested in design. I used to draw a lot, and I suppose the interest never stopped.

I got more passionate about the digital side of things when I began my degree studying Graphic Design. Giving me the opportunity to collaborate with other designers opened up a whole new world of styles and influences that keep growing to this day.


Do you have a favourite email or campaign you have seen in the industry or been a part of here?

There’s a beaut email campaign that AirBnb ran a few years ago using creative typography in their hero modules to create a personality for each particular location they were advertising. I felt this was really eye catching and creative. It definitely made me want to travel! In terms of the campaigns and emails I’ve worked on during my time at Action Rocket, I always love working on Pizza Express emails as I have a lot of reign to be creative and try new techniques and styles, especially incorporating animation.


What are your favourite things about working for ActionRocket?

One of my favourite things about working for Action Rocket is the people. It definitely helps having a group a like minded and friendly colleagues around you which has helped me in designing to my best ability.




What’s your favourite weekend activity?

Going out and about. I’m still relatively new to London so there’s always somewhere new to discover! I also love to play guitar and sing so try and get gigs on the weekend whenever I can.


Leave us with an interesting fact about yourself…

I can play the clarinet although it’s been a while!


Bex Highfield

Marketing Manager @ Action Rocket