A Week in Links: 5 Email Marketing Blog Posts From The Last Week

These days there’s a great selection of email marketing and design blogs out there, posting a ton of useful stuff – Here’s some useful links and discussion we’ve uncovered in the last week.

10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines

Most of this is aimed at web designers, but there’s plenty of stuff of use here for email design. Useful bits to take away include:
users focus on faces and follow where they’re looking, form labels work best when placed above the form field they refer to, and effective user testing doesn’t have to be extensive – suggesting you can catch 85% of problems with just 5 users.

The idea that users expect links to be blue is an interesting point, and one that is often missed in email design. It’d be interesting to test this.

Uncorking the Social Media Bubble

Interesting blog post around how to develop and encourage activity on your social media presence, especially in the context of email marketing.

The 5 Rules of Writing Email Marketing Subject Lines

One that’s on our list of things to cover on this blog, but there’s some great points here.

50 Great Newsletter Design Examples

A stack of beautiful and expertly designed email marketing examples. Some of them not particularly best practice, but a ton of inspiration none the less!

ReturnPath’s Top 10 Email Trends in 2009

A great summary of where things are at, at the close of the decade where email marketing came of age.

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