Email Inspiration: New Product Mailing are a furniture retailer with a difference – users vote on the next product to get made, and then once enough orders are placed they go into production.

Their email is refreshingly bright, and employs a simple spectrum of colours – this really helps the product stand out from the rest of the email. The minimalist, non-bloated copy also matches the non-cluttered style of the products and brand.

Week #2: Useful email design blog posts and resources

A quick round up of some great recent email marketing and email design articles.

Design and Build Email Newsletters Without Losing Your Mind (and Soul)

Smashing mag’s great overview of some of the challenges and considerations you should make when designing an html email, plus a stack of examples.

Holiday 2009 vs. 2008: What Did We Learn?

Some take-outs from this year’s Holiday season.

The evolution of Wishabi’s monthly email newsletter

Interesting review of how a retailer’s newsletter has changed over time.

Email as a social stepping stone

Four key observations around social media and email, by e-Dialog International MD Simone Barratt.

Mashable: How to take advantage of social media in your email campaign

High level overview of how social charing and links to social media can be incorporated into emails.

The Four Agreements to Powerful Email Marketing

Four over-arching principles to apply to your email marketing campaigns.

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