Email Inspiration: Apple Student Offer Solus Campaign

Apple Emails always seem to go down well – there’s a good balance of inspirational design and email best practice (although there’s a few simple wins that seem to get missed off). This one promotes the educational discount for students (and probably also targets parents/siblings of students too).

In a departure from the usual Apple style, the hero area is a full bleed photo, as opposed to the more regular product shot predominantly on white. This helps differentiate the education campaigns from the Apple store ones, and seems to be a running theme in non-store campaigns.

ps. please can I have a free iPad? (worth a try)

Week in email: when best practice isn't best practice, London marketing jobs & more

time for a quick round-up of email marketing news from the last week:

Interesting article from DJ Waldow over at Blue Sky Factory about how there is no one size fits all best practice, and in reality it’s all about finding out what works for your list.

Liz Lynch posted a nice review of recent tax day campaigns over at Email Precicely.

e-Dialog International, based in Central London, is still hiring! there’s lots of vacancies at the moment – view our list of email marketing jobs. There’s more to be added soon, so if you don’t see the role you’d like send in your details and we’ll keep them on file.

Over at The Email Wars Dylan Boyd posted some great tips on the mobile web.

Social Email Marketing posted some interesting thoughts on triggered event based campaigns.

And finally, Smith Harmon spotted a great piece of creative email from Diesel – check it out.

If you’ve got any hot tips for this week, or want a heads up on interesting things as we find them, connect with @iamelliot on Twitter.

Email Inspiration: Swell Polo T-Shirt Solus

This solus email from US fasion retailer Swell caught our attention with it’s striking, simple design. The almost black and white nature of the email means a tiny red spot is all that’s required to draw attention to the free shipping offer, and where other retailers may be tempted to add stacks of copy, here a single, crisp product shot does all the talking.

The “Girls, Update your profile..” is a nice, cheeky way to get people to update their preferences, although it does seem hidden towards the bottom of the email.