• http://time-wellspent.com Jaina

    “So where do we start?” – honestly, I have no idea. Like you’ve said, for email, there’s a whole lot more to it than just browser wars. Email is such a personal thing that it’s not as simple as telling people/companies to convert to x or y software. Especially corporate environments – so many of which still use the likes of Lotus Notes. And the creators of those pieces of software aren’t going to change how they do things to placate email marketing.

    While better HTML support does help email marketers in building and creating better email marketing experiences, the crux of email marketing is still providing an offer to the customer that engages them enough to act off of it.

    • Marco

      I total agree your opinion @Jaina. Really right now I think is very difficult to find the best effective solution. Anyway never stop to try new email mktg experience or testing what we do.

  • Peter Duffy

    Totally agreed. Probably needs to be some sort of independent industry representation, for example the DMA. There were some big international meetings about this seven or eight years ago with all the major companies represented, but no company was willing to step up and allocate staff to draft the standards.

  • Erik

    Will there ever be an email standard? There is. And it not about HTML or any other way of styling at all. It works very well for most situations. I agree however that email needs to evolve. It needs modern encryption standards, and also, maybe, some sort of styling. But I’d say that RFC 1896 Enriched text is enough. Where do we start? Well, not by pleasing email marketers/spammers. If we do, email will soon be dead.