5 ways to stay up to date with email code

The long-peddled phrase about email development being stuck in 1999 isn’t true any more, with some of the best and most popular email clients matching web standards pretty much toe-to-toe. Recently we’ve seen Gmail fix almost all of their rendering issues (with some nuances) and iOS roll out support for CSS Grid.

However, this drastic improvement in HTML support means that the state of email rendering is somewhat fluid at the moment, so it’s important to stay up to date with just what you can do where.

Here are 5 great resources to help you keep track of the latest:

Litmus Community


The Litmus Community is frequented by many email designers, and as new issues arise they tend to surface here pretty quickly. Often it’s the place where fixes and workarounds are established, but at the very least you’ll find confirmation that it’s not just your code that’s breaking. Get involved at litmus.com/community

Email Geeks Slack


The email geek slack is frequented by a plethora of email marketers and designers, and the channels for code, deliverability and design are always filled with the latest news.

Join at email.geeks.chat

#emailgeeks on Twitter


There is no shortage of email experts on Twitter, and it’s a great place to find out the latest when it comes to email code issues. Keep an eye on the #emailgeeks and #emaildesign hashtags (though they can get a touch spammy) and follow our favourite email experts on Twitter.



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Email Design Podcast


Litmus’ Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez talk through the latest code bugs and techniques, plus there’s frequent special guests talking about their email careers and process. Get the latest episode here.