#Rockettime with Millie

Our December #RocketTime is here! This month we’ve grabbed Millie, our agency Strategist before she leaves us for a while for baby no.2. You may already know her from her #EmailWeekly days!


Hey Millie! Let’s jump straight into the Q’s…How did you fall into your job role? Have you always been interested in email / digital marketing?

I studied Digital Marketing at Manchester Met University and happened to hear a guest lecture from a certain (Ipswich Town FC supporting) Strategist @ eDialog. We were all looking for placements at the time for our 3rd year so I went up and introduced myself at the end. That’s how I ended up as an intern at eDialog in 2011/12 and where I met Elliot, Gary and India! It wasn’t until the end of my final year I had heard Elliot had started his own company and met him for a cuppa to discuss helping with some marketing bits, I’ve worked for AR ever since.


What has been a career highlight for you since working here?

Other than watching the company and team grow, I have loved putting together some of the events for the #EmailGeeks, especially getting to co-produce with other companies and people in the community. Moving from marketing into strategy has also been eye-opening too! I got to work on proposals before but it’s been fun getting to delve more into the thinking and data that goes behind the designs.


What’s been your favourite email / project to work on or that you have seen in the industry this year (2018)?

I did my first strategy workshop in the summer, I was so nervous beforehand but it ended up being pretty fun and insightful for the entire team. I’ve always struggled with public speaking (if you attended the workspace #emailgeeks catch up you will have witnessed it for yourselves (lol)). Work we produced from that day got carried into the clients email programme and was great to see it come to life.


What are your favourite things about working for ActionRocket?

I’m guessing most of us would say the same thing, the team and the clients! Staff turnover is pretty low and I think most of us enjoy the company in the studio and getting to work on such creative projects from top brands. On second thought, if no one has said team and I just look really awkward then I want to add that in my defence I have been working from home a lot since becoming a parent ANNND living in Suffolk so I don’t have to spend much time with you lot anymore. You might all be losers now and I’m just none the wiser.


What’s your favourite weekend activity?

As a family, we have a little retro car obsession. Going for drives to country villages and car shows is always nice but let’s be honest, if I get past the housework, shopping and laundry then it’s a bloody miracle! #Mumlife.


Leave us with an interesting fact about yourself…

Despite frequently complaining about motherhood I also enjoy having babies… which is why today is my last day before mat leave, I’m now off to have another one. Spoiler alert, this one won’t be called <FIRSTNAME> either.We will be talking to another member of the ActionRocket team next month, so keep your eyes peeled!

Bex Highfield
Marketing Manager @ Action Rocket