Harvey Nichols: World Cup Pixel Art

Harvey Nichols: World Cup Pixel Art

We love email that’s been shown a bit of thought and care over here at ActionRocket HQ, and are especially excited to see the World Cup ideas arriving into the inbox.

We were even happier when this little gem from Harvey Nichols came in.

Behold with images blocked:


It doesn’t look too bad with images on either!



  • Jody Gibbons

    This is great – reminds me of a similar McDonald’s email on here a few months back! Pixel art porn

  • Jaina

    Looks great! Like what Pizza Express emails are very known to be doing. Though how does this translate to mobile?

  • Christopher Payne

    Love doing flag designs on my flag day / memorial day / labor day emails. I haven’t been successful at doing a good mobile conversion though. I am assuming this email has the same problem. Zooming out is a pain to read an email (some clients auto zoom) and missing alt text on the navigation images but looks good overall.