Email Inspiration: Boden Welcome Series

Email Inspiration: Boden Welcome Series

Possibly the most crucial time period for you to impress your subscribers, the welcome series. It’s best to make an effort than rock up under dressed designed right?

Boden’s welcome series really grabbed me, not only with their pattern/colour contrast but with their ongoing relationship theme and the thought that seems to have gone into the user experience. The copy also gives the brand a personal feel without being over the top, including a nice mix of informational & marketing content. It’s interesting to see video in a welcome series that is also seasonal. Top points for innovation, branding, message and imagery.

Same day
Subject line: Thanks for making the first move…

3 days after sign-up
Subject line: Fancy finding out more?

7 days after sign-up
Subject line: Can we be your new FWSB?
step 3

5 weeks after sign-up
Subject line: What happens next?

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  • Jaina

    Do really like welcome series’ like these and seeing them pop up more often, and not just with retailers. They’re a great way of “warming” your customer up. And then actually seeing those who are engaged and stay with the series in terms of engagement, to the end, and those who drop off part way through.

    • Amelia Jane

      I should have also mentioned that the sender name is ‘Johnnie Boden’ which adds to the ‘warmness’ nicely. The whole approach is relatable and is a great way to make the subscriber feel valued. Would be interesting to see what their engagement levels are within the series.

      • Jaina

        And that’s really on-brand for them too – they “feel” like that kind of brand and I’m sure that’s what their customers expect from them too.

  • Jamie Norman

    Ahem ;)….

    “Thanks so much for joining our list, your subscription was a success. If you have any questions about our emails or have any feedback of your own, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email. We’d love to hear from you.

    Also, we’ll be including a removal link in every email we send you, so you can leave our list any time that suits you.”