A =PROPER good idea from Bonobos

A =PROPER good idea from Bonobos

This email has just taken email creativity to a new level, so much so that members of the team and email community are still in a state of ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’.

The concept is based on the idea that their customers are most likely sitting at their desk but can’t browse the site as their boss may be watching them. They are offered the option of viewing a spreadsheet or ‘I don’t do spreadsheets’ which goes to the homepage.

Take a look at the campaign from Bonobos which landed in our inbox yesterday.

Subject Line: =VLOOKUP(Your boss is behind you)



We were applauding the email concept before we even realised that the spreadsheet actually calculates the formula which works out which product is right for you (among other stuff). Just brilliant. Here are some of the formulas at work:

Change the highlighted fields and checkboxes to give you refined results/suggested products:

Screenshot 2015-01-09 14.26.11


Screenshot 2015-01-09 14.27.06


If you select the largest size it says your spirit animal is a mythical beast thing:


Screenshot 2015-01-09 14.28.15


And as you’d expect, if you select the smallest it says you are a Wallaby:


Screenshot 2015-01-09 14.29.09

But it doesn’t end there, here are other features we found amusing:

Screenshot 2015-01-09 14.30.47


It also has extra calls to action hidden in the comments:

Screenshot 2015-01-09 14.33.51


Pretty sure this one will go down in email marketing folklore and has definitely set the 2015 creative standards for the industry.

Credit goes to the @bonobosninjas.