Design Inspiration: Ocado Reactivation Email

Reactivation emails – campaigns sent to users who haven’t been engaged for a while – can be difficult to proposition, but can also drive results when they’re used properly. This campaign from UK food delivery service Ocado managed to get my attention by using strong copywriting and imagery. The subject line – “We’ve got an Elliot shaped hole in our lives” – also makes use of personalisation in an interesting way.

  • Ocado

    Hello Elliot,

    Thanks so much for your feedback, we’re super chuffed to hear that you liked our creative. The copywriter in question is glowing with pride.

    Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing you again soon 😉


    • Jordie van Rijn ✰✰✰

      Very nice example.  It’s been a big fear to start looking like an egg 😉

      I love interesting use of personalization.

      Did you guys test this email?

  • Tommy Walker

    Elliot I just want to say thank you for everything you do on this site. Email marketing has been one of those things that I grasp conceptually, but to see such high caliber examples from you on a regular basis really helps to bring everything home. This post is no exception. 

  • Jason Suttie

    We left Ocado about 8 months ago and being an email guy I was interested to see how they’d try to lure us back. I got a few of these %off or discount offers the problem was the minimum spend was higher than we ever spent with them. I assume it was the same offer to everyone but the smarter way would have been to use their order value data and give me a discount based on how much we usually spent. I notice the minimum spend for this one is £60 so perhaps they’ve lowered this now.