Mobile email: Click-to-call examples

Mobile sites that offer services would be smart to host a click-to-call link on their homepage for users to easily get in contact and make an enquiry – especially if that is their primary communication channel for customers (Gladstone Brookes example below). The reason for this is it’s simple, easy, convenient and ‘no fuss’ for the user.


Bringing this element to email offers the opportunity to personalise and prompt users to interact and has the potential to maximise engagement and conversions. The below example from the Capital FM welcome email lets you text or call in on the breakfast show straight from the email.


RUSH used this method, combined with a promotional offer and code, in a recent email (see below). The number is also personalised to the branch that I have a purchase history with; for similar companies it would be important for user data to be up to date for this to work effectively. Still, a very good use of click-to-call.


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    These click-to-call strategy really works, especially when you simplify everything. Users like it when 3 clicks can be done in just one click.