#EMAILDRINKS: Easy costume ideas

#EMAILDRINKS: Easy costume ideas

Lucky enough to be an email marketer in London on the 29th? Then you may know about the annual ghost table hunt we’ve organised… basically, an excuse to have another #emaildrinks, dress up and hang with a cool bunch of people.

If you’re stuck for an outfit (for this event or need one just for everyday use), here are some basic costumes that we’ve adapted and should be pretty easy to throw together in under 10 days.

NB: There aren’t any strict rules, but something to do with email/internet/geek will get a nod of appreciation on the night. Here are some email-y ideas…

1. ET (Exact Target)… with an orange or blue hoody? You decide:


Image: Amazon

2. MailChimp Freddie:

41vAsZD-0SL._AC_UL115_ + a blue hat and satchel

Image: Amazon

3. A Litmus test – blue trousers & pinky-red top (probably the easiest yet not entirely obvious… until I just posted it here):

4. Action Rocket. Van Damme with a rocket pack?:

jet pack

Image: Doodle Craft

5. Ghost <table> buster:


Image: Pinterest

6. A TaxiForEmail, Taxi (I could only find dog/inappropriate costumes for this so you’ll have to use your imagination, Robert Di Nero is always a welcome substitute):


6a. Alternatively… Lost Uber driver – don’t forget the water:


Image: Refinery29

7. Silverpop – stick loads of these in your hair… or paint your whole head silver.


You get the gist, I’m sure you will all go above and beyond and put these to shame. Now, get to googling your costume and remember to RSVP here so we can anticipate your presence.