Week #4: Useful email design blog posts and resources

Here’s a quick roundup of email marketing blog posts and articles from the past week.

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Is email marketing becoming less relevant?

In interesting discussion on econsultancy borne out of the e-Dialog Email Attitudes Report, which suggested that 39% of UK consumers claim the marketing email they receive is less relevent than it was 12 months ago.

The Art And Science Of The Email Signature

Some useful tips, good best practice and a quick example gallery of html email signiatures.

E-mail Marketers Want a Piece of Geolocation, Too

Interesting thoughts on how geo-location can be used to increase the relevence of an email marketing campaign.

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  • http://www.bubblegumkitten.com Bex White

    Some interesting articles – definately good to see some new research results on relevancy and frequency so soon in 2010. As many companies digitial marketing spend is set to increase this year, learnings like this are especially relevant to ensure the increased budgets result in increased ROI and brand awareness rather than just an increase in the unsubscribe rate, a pitfall too easy to fall into for many companies.

    I also look forward to seeing how geolocation can be used to target and deliver messages to customers – definately one to watch out for in the next few months.