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HTML Email Full Page Background Fix (for Outlook & Webmail)

Note – we now have a better fix for this issue, which we recommend over the below fix. We’ve kept the content on this page for reference only.

Outlook 2007 supporting a full page background image

Since Outlook 2007 was released, support for background images in email has been problematic. Whilst you can use the <body> tag to successfully specify a full page background image in Outlook, many webmail clients will ignore this. This has often meant that both background images and colour are also specified using a full width table, to ensure support in webmail clients.

One issue that occurs from this technique, however, is that Outlook will also render the background colour from that full width table, but not the background image, meaning that the solid background colour will display above any full page background image specified on the <body> tag in Outlook.

This fix allows you so specify a full width background image that displays in both Outlook and webmail clients, and will fall back to a solid background colour when viewed in any email client with images disabled.

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Week in Email: e-Dialog jobs, Outlook 2010, email for iPhone + more

Time for a quick round-up of email marketing blog posts this week:

e-Dialog International, based in Central London, is hiring! view the full list of email marketing jobs.

Staying with e-Dailog, Liz Lynch posted a case study of how Home Depot used email to assist those affected in the recent storms in North East America – read it here.

Style Campaign looked at design for mobile, particularly the iphone – stage 1 results and recommendations here. They also posted some examples of javascript in email, including Google’s Enhanced Email and Certified Commerce – read it here.

David Greiner at Campaign Monitor posted an update on the upcoming release of Outlook 2010. The bad news is nothing’s changed, but the good news is nothing’s changed – find out more.

Pivotal Veracity’s Len Shneyder looked at the effect of directory structure of html image paths on spam scores – interesting report here.

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