Email Marketing Resources

Email Marketing Resources

We’ve put together a list of resources to help inspire  across the email community. At a time when many of us are working from home, remember to take time away from your screen and keep the creativity flowing.


First up we have a great list of podcasts:


🎧 Ask me Anything About Email Marketing – AWeber. Each of these episodes has been recorded in a question – answer format. With listeners asking their questions & hosts & their guest answering. Covering a variety of topics from design to analysis.


🎧 E-telligence: Email marketing isn’t dead. the way you’re using it is – Efocus Marketing. This podcast digs into specific areas of email marketing helping you to energise your campaigns & use email more intelligently to increase your results.


🎧 Delivering – Litmus. This podcast moves beyond industry news & looks at the email industry as a whole. From design, development, trends, culture, copywriting and more.


🎧 My Dog Ate my Email – DMA. From AI to KPI’s this podcast covers a whole range of topics, & features a variety of guests who live & breath email.


🎧 Feedback Friday – Really Good Emails. The team at RGE chat to a range of brands and guests about the hurdles which good emails should overcome to stand out in the inbox.



Now for all you bookworms 📚. Here’s a great selection of books for you to get stuck into:


📖 This is Marketing – Seth Godin. A short & easy read, full of advice for email marketers.


📖 Everybody writes – Ann Handley. This is a go-to guide to help you write better content.


📖 Alchemy – Rory Sutherland. This book touches upon the importance of non-rational factors, in how we make decisions and how problems can be solved.


📖 Delusions of brandeur – Ryan Wallman. A bit of humour to add to our list, this book reflects on what it means to be a marketeer and what it takes to be great.


📖 The Language Effect – Parry Malm. A book by our great friend at Phrasee, discusses why AI-Powered copywriting is a marketer’s new best friend, and why you should add it into your marketing mix.



Finally here is a great list of helpful communities, groups & channels in the email and marketing industry. Working from home can often be isolating so this list is here to ensure you have people to talk to if / when needed:


🎤 Quarantine Book Club. Join your favourite authors on Zoom where you can have conversations from the privacy of your own home.


🎤 #Emailgeeks. The Slack community where email marketers, designers, and developers can discuss all things email! (Also a great community on Twitter).


🎤 Women of Email. WOE is a professional network group aimed at promoting leadership & growth among women in the email space.


🎤 Email Marketing Gurus. This LinkedIn group was created to discuss email-related topics with the world’s leading email marketing experts and practitioners.


🎤 US! We love to chat, and have a talented bunch of individuals now dotted around the U.K. If you have anything email or marketing related then don’t be shy! Failing that if you just want someone to talk to other than yourself or your partner we will happily oblige 👋.


Bex Highfield
Marketing Manager @ ActionRocket