The Importance of Team Efficiencies Twitter Chat

The Importance of Team Efficiencies Twitter Chat

Did you catch our Twitter chat this week? For those of you who weren’t able to join in, we’ve highlighted some of the awesome replies we received!


We took to Twitter to discuss the importance of team efficiencies. We wanted to delve a little deeper into how employers motivate staff to work more efficiently together. Whether incentives do work, and how team morale and productivity can go hand in hand.


We received some great answers and advice from email geeks everywhere. Here are some of the awesome replies:


Q1. Rewards can be a great way to motivate employees to work more efficiently (bonuses, extra holiday days etc.). Is incentivising work efficiency the way to go? If so, what incentives would motivate you or currently motivates your team?Q2. Employee training is often limited to the onboarding stage. At Action Rocket we set annual allocated training budgets per person. Is this something your employer encourages? If not, do you think this could benefit you / your team?

Q3. Communication is key. Whether it’s 121’s with colleagues or catch ups with clients. What are your top tips for keeping this up remotely? Are you sticking to the catch ups in your calendars?Q4. Balancing team morale and productivity can be difficult when working remote. What things have you / your team done to ensure both are maintained successfully?If you weren’t able to join our Twitter chat then not to worry! We have plenty more in the pipeline, or if you’d like to collaborate in hosting one together our (virtual) door is always open!


Bex Highfield
Marketing Manager @ Action Rocket