Exploring Snapchat for Email Marketers

Exploring Snapchat for Email Marketers

Elliot and I went to #TheBestMarketingEventEver last week and we came away with a fair few tips from Gary Vaynerchuck and co. One of them being, ‘no matter how much you dislike the thought of using Snapchat as a business, you should probably be getting used to it’. We came back to the studio and got the team involved…

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I’ve had an account since around 2013 and never really got the hang of it… I’ve mostly just been an observer. Now we’ve been told that Snapchat is likely to overtake Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – whether we like it or not. Gary’s reasons for this…

1. It has enticed an entire generation.

2. It’s completely different to other social media channels and is the closest to resemble human communication IRL.


At the event it got a mixed reception, some marketers felt it didn’t apply to their 30+ audience. But this is also what ‘they’ said about Facebook and it left a lot of ‘marketing space on the table’. Being an early adopter can’t hurt, right? You’ll be in a better position among competitors in theory, if Snapchat lives up to it’s expectations.

How can Snapchat be a relevant medium for Email Marketers?

One of the great things about this industry, which I’m sure most of you will agree, is the community. There are a lot of influencers on Twitter, already communicating in a restricted amount of characters. Email design is visual so why not try out a more visual app? 

I’m not saying use Snapchat for support or to submit amends, but communicating personality and potentially giving confidence to customers to get in touch via other channels. A company’s culture can be very attractive  to new business and could be an asset in retaining existing relationships. It allows companies to become more ‘see-through’.

Snap Ideas

Other than your usual ‘walking with coffee’ or ‘look, I face swapped with a lion’ snap, there are some cool things that email marketers could share with the rest of us. Off the top of my head:

  • Design concepts aka ‘We’re on to something huge’
  • Teaser code snippets aka ‘Look at how intelligent we are’
  • Team meetings aka ‘Look at us being productive’
  • Colleague antics aka ‘#EmailBantz’

Come and join us

A lot of you may have been early adopters and have your Snapchat game mastered, but if not; it’s quite easy to get started. Just download the app, set up an account and off you go.

I still find the UX a bit tricky, swiping in the right places to get to different screens but there are plenty of Snapchat ‘splain articles and everything you need is most likely here.

Add us here:  Team (actionrocket), Elliot (iamelliotlondon), Millie (milliejane23)

We haven’t come across many email marketers on Snapchat yet, leave your username in the comments (or add us!) and we’ll get a list together for the next post.
We’re on a learning curve, too…


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