Top designs for May

Top designs for May

Another month has passed here, meaning we are ready to gather up our favourite email designs! Here are the ones we have chosen from the last few weeks:

Chosen for:

+ Great use of interactive design.

+ Creating a sense of urgency to get the discount.

+ Helps in keeping scrolling to a minimum.



Chosen for:

+ Strong copy!

+ Bonobos have recently been producing great GIF’s in their emails but this static email has proved they also have great copy game too.

Screenshot 2017-05-25 17.10.36


Chosen for:

+ Nike are killin’ the GIF game!

+ Great way of highlighting the range of colours and features of their new line.





Ann Taylor
Chosen for:

+ Simplistic and bold design showcasing main brand offer.

+ Great use of engaging and revealing the personalised looking GIF.