Sophie’s top email designs for February

Sophie’s top email designs for February

Stand out email campaigns from the past month.

1. Billetto
SL: 3 events for a good laugh.

Chosen for:
+ The feedback module in this email is a great idea for future segmenting and making sure readers are receiving the rich content they are more likely to be interested in.
+ Clean minimal design.


2. MOO
SL: We got you a little something

Chosen for:
+ Mystery CTA – they always hook us in! Also, CSS rollover on the CTA is a nice touch.


3. Eurostar
SL: Give a Valentine’s Day gift that’s going places

Chosen for:
+ Mobile first design. Very clear and easy to read on a device, also includes a hamburger nav.
+ Engaging Valentine’s theme. The messaging is still relevant to the brand and theme is not over kill.


4. Noun Project
SL: Feature Alert: Icons now in every color 🌈

Chosen for:
+ Clear messaging.
+ Subtle gif (which can be viewed here)


All emails can be found on my Pinterest board.

  • romanbruni

    wow Loved those attitude gifs from Sophie