Email Spotlight: SheerLuxe

Email Spotlight: SheerLuxe

SheerLuxe is an online lifestyle magazine and a brand fairly new to me. Since signing up to their emails, it has become one of my favourites to pop up in the inbox – and has proven very popular throughout our studio!


SheerLuxe send around 3 emails a day, I consider this a bit overkill and would have usually unsubscribed by now. Although, the timings of these sends are very strategically planned, making sure the brand achieves maximum attention and opens. 


“The Daily News In Brief” (DNIB) lands in the inbox first thing in the morning so the reader is informed with the latest news and current trends when they are first sat down at their desk. This email is copy heavy but breaks the news sections up so the articles are easily readable.




The editorial, magazine-style, LuxeMail email is packed with content and arrives in the inbox late morning. Some days a third Sheer Luxe email is sent just after midday, perfect timing for fashion and food browsing on our desktops at lunch.


The brand cleverly highlights luxury fashion trends to the reader by using an Instagram-esque, editorial style that catches the eye and gets the reader scrolling through each article as we’re used to doing with social feeds. The Luxe Mail emails are very image heavy and use little copy leaving the reader wanting to know more, therefore seamlessly getting them to continue their journey onto the SheerLuxe site.

A couple of things SheerLuxe could consider include using alt attributes on images – the emails would not be easy to understand if the images don’t load (think about users being on the move and having poor signal on transport etc). They could also make better use of their ads within the email, they are often slightly grainy and placed oddly next to a recipe in the second module. 


There isn’t much that SheerLuxe aren’t getting right, their Daily News In Brief emails always have the latest articles and whittle stories down into bite-sized chunks that are easily digestible. The fashion and lifestyle emails always look sleek and inspiring, full of fun imagery and gifs. We love the brand and look forward to their emails arriving like clockwork in our inbox everyday!


Katie Inwood
Account Manager @ Action Rocket