Email Inspiration: GAP Animated Christmas Email – Get your gifts there on time

Gap Europe’s last minute Christmas campaign features an interesting animated GIF – depicting a present being unwrapped, and revealing the latest order times to ensure delivery before Christmas. Whilst usually it’s advisable to avoid locking such important information within the frame of an animated image, the animation makes the campaign engaging and therefore communicates the message effectively.

Here is the animation from the campaign:

  • Sofian

    Nice, but far as I know animated gifs are not supported by outlook 2010 and higher.

    • Rick Koston

      You are correct. It’s a nice design but it won’t work.

      • Gibraldi

        I think the fix for that is just to have a 0.1 second frame with the information showing and then start the animation, outlook will only show the first frame of an animation. 

        It ruined it for me when they forgot to add the second star at the beginning, you see the heading text jump to the left. 

  • Sraphael

    I’d be burned alive if I gave a client an email with a page weight in excess of 600K. Really?? And re: Outlook display…Outlook 2007 & Outlook 2010 will display only the first frame of the animation. That kind of eliminates a lot of the message here. Could have made the cool animation part of a landing page from a teaser email or something.