Animation Spotlight: Nike

Animation Spotlight: Nike
For me, Nike have beenĀ ahead on the email design game for years. After recently updating my account with them, I’ve received a steady stream of pretty cool design work.

Great for my eyes, but not so much for my bank balance 😬.



The first thing that strikes me about these emails is how aware they are of their target platform – mobile devices. Each one is very much designed with a full-width portrait screen in mind, and heightened with some great artwork.

The result of this is a luscious, full-screen animation that dominates the display. Most fashion brands are pretty good at making cool artwork, but Nike’s designs really go the extra mile to show some of the best examples of email design in the industry.

However, before I gush too much about them, it’s worth pointing out that GIFs of this size and complexity come in at a pretty hefty download size (3-5MB!). So unless you’re viewing these emails on wi-fi, you might be in for a bit of a wait until they appear on your phone.

Sam Beddoes
Designer @ Action Rocket