5 stars for Appliances Online

5 stars for Appliances Online

The stress of buying a house and moving is without doubt one of the biggest challenges in our modern day life. The only process worth shouting about is the user experience of Appliances online.com.

After being recommended by several friends I set myself a budget and started to shop around for my new white goods. An inexperienced buyer AO’s customer journey helped every step of the way.

1. I was able to compare models easily. This is a great way of showing information and being able to compare different models.

2. Product Videos, ratings and reviews helped seal the deal and gave more confidence on buying online.
3. Being able to email the basket helped save favourites and also get my friends opinion. Also being reminded with a basket abandoned email:


4. I didn’t purchase on first browse it was more like 6th…Online retargeting banners prompted me to review other products, and kept my intent to buy front of mind. (Important for a bewildered first homebuyer)

5. Finally after arriving at my new home Saturday morning I was able to go to my email and complete my order. All my mobile and 3G! PayPal meant I didn’t even have to unpack my purse, which was lost in the chaos.

6. Same day delivery meant I could get everything done and dusted in one crazy day.


7. By Monday I wasn’t looking forward to battling to get the price of installation removed from the bill (turns out my kitchen has never seen a washing machine) To my pleasant surprise in my inbox was an email confirming final cost minus the cost of installation.

8. A survey email followed ‘How did we do’ with a simple NPS score. A great layout and easy to click allowed me to give them a solid 9.


So AO I salute your mobile first approach to ecommerce, your same day delivery, and your delivery men. Your emails are a pleasure to have in my inbox to! Take note! Always put yourself in the mind of your customer when planning a customer journey. We all have high expectations, as well as being time poor and you want a fast reliable service. If you don’t offer this I bet your competitors soon will be.