• Anonymous

    Absolutely awesome round-up, Elliot! I’m super-keen to share this around – it’s a solid list for beginners and old-hands alike.

    Just a note on the boilerplate: we’ve seen images stretching in Outlook as a result of img{ height:auto; line-height:100%;} being used in HTML email code. Make sure you don’t include that and you’ll be on your way 🙂

    • http://www.elliot-ross.co.uk Elliot Ross

      thanks Ros! feel free to share 🙂

      good call on the boilerplate, I’ve been using a modified version of it that I need to stick back on github at some point..

  • http://elevatedthird.com Katie

    I really like this list of tools. I just found out about Premailer and often reference anything and everything on Campaign Monitor. Looking forward to trying out the boilerplate especially. Thanks for the list!

  • Dev

    Similar to Litmus – but I like it better – is Email on Acid.

  • http://www.emaillist.net Email Lists Dude

    Thanks for this.  I had never heard of Litmus before.  Seems like a real good tool, as are the others that you’ve mentioned.  Definitely going to add some of these to my “toolbox”!

  • dan123.co.uk

    Great round-up guys. very useful

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  • Karen Loomis

    I just discovered Litmus via a Google Search today. It’s fantastic.