Are Companies Living Up to Their UX Potential?

It’s not too uncommon to become frustrated by an unresponsive CTA or an ‘unavailable’ web page on your mobile device. It is nevertheless surprising the amount of small (and large) companies that do not see this as a pressing issue, in terms of conversions and sales.

Consumers are hoping to access information about your company/brand and if they cannot find what they’re looking for, they’re likely to go elsewhere as evidenced within the research findings previously posted. In the same study, various digital professionals were interviewed in order to loosely gauge the perceptions of companies and if they consider user experience important, including responsive web pages and emails. The difference between attitudes of digital experts/consultants and marketing managers is significant; managers usually not considering quality as important as the experts (see below).


User experience of course, doesn’t stop at responsive content, emails and websites. From the beginning of a purchase path to the end of a lifecycle, the process needs to be streamlined for optimum user satisfaction. Social media, email, web and mobile are advised to be implemented appropriately to suit their customers needs and deliver quality CRM communications – not saying every channel is for everyone.

Those companies that provide a unique and close to flawless user experience, appear to be the most dynamic and successful. As an example, ASOS deliver an impressive integrated marketing experience, inclusive of SMS updates of delivery details and a fully working responsive mobile site. Their users can access the site from anywhere on any device, alter orders, track delivery and engage on social platforms – as a retailer, this works well for their customers and are always finding ways to improve.

Online companies should look at their user experience and possible purchase paths and be sure that conversion is easy for their customers. As a result, streamlining UX can lead to an increase in loyal and satisfied customers and these all important conversions. So what are you waiting for?