#Rockettime with Lexi

Today marks the start of our #RocketTime monthly chats here at ActionRocket! Each month we will sit down with a member of the team to get to know them a little better. We begin with Lexi, Client Services Director, studio plant supplier, and heart of the agency.


Hey Lexi! You are our first to take part in ActionRocket’s new #RocketTime, how does this make you feel? 

Like a favourite Guinea pig… I really love this idea born from the marketing team so i’m happy to be the first. We spend most of our time with clients or working hard in the studio so it’s nice to have a space where people can get to know more about the team.


How did you fall into your job role? Have you always been interested in email / digital marketing?

I studied design and love creative messages that serve a purpose. To inspire, excite and help people in their everyday lives.

After graduating I took a trip around Africa… coming back to dust of my portfolio full of ideas I unfortunately hit the recession. My first job was what I could get.. A sales intern at eCircle an ESP now called Mapp. It taught me a lot about culture, and how a company can grow talent and become a family. I did a lot of growing and after 4 years had gone from a Sales Intern to Marketing Manager to Creative Consultant launching a new Creative services team within the tech world. I always yearned to work in a creative environment.

I had been partnering with Action Rocket and really loved the team, Elliot and I went for numerous hot chocolates to chat over what he needed from me to grow the agency and here I’ve been ever since. That’s when we were a team of 7 we’ve now doubled the team but still hold friendship and family as one of our core values.


What has been a career highlight for you since working here?

Probably seeing the team grow into their own individual styles. Everyone is so hard working and truly inspirational. I honestly love everything that comes out of the studio.

(There’s only been one design that I wanted to veto – The Legendary Waving Snowman…much to my surprise the client loved it  and it was used on every brand channel, waving it’s sticky arm in my face, recently being aired again in our animation series )


What’s been your favourite email / project to work on or that you have seen in the industry this year (2018)?

Client wise, probably Pizza Express’s New World email design, we’ve worked on this as a team hand in hand with their CRM team.  They’ve had the balls to slow down on the offers and think about content, creative and message which is hard in the fast paced world of easy dining but a must for long term customer brand affinity.

Agency wise, the biggest and best project this year has been restructuring the team and hiring new super stars, everyone has stepped up into new roles and helped a smooth agency growth spurt.


What are your favourite things about working for ActionRocket?

I think most people will say the family feel. It’s important to not just drum on about agency culture but to act on it. With daily deadlines it’s important for us to support each other whilst also supporting our clients. You spend 1880 hours a year with your teammates – that’s so much more time than with friends and family.



What’s your favourite weekend activity?

Riding my Horse in the woods. It’s my chill time.


Leave us with an interesting fact about yourself…

I’m a reflexologist! Being a London based Reflexologist and running an agency is much of the same thing I help people balance work and life and do awesome things 🧘‍♀️.We will be talking to another member of the ActionRocket team next month, so keep your eyes peeled!

Bex Highfield
Marketing Manager @ Action Rocket