Sophie’s Top email designs for January

Sophie’s Top email designs for January

Welcome to the first of my monthly blog posts! Each month I will be sharing some of my favourite emails that have landed in my inbox. As a designer at Action Rocket, I get to create and build campaigns for great brands so I like to keep an eye on what trends and innovations are occurring in the industry. Take a look at some of the campaigns that have caught my this month, feel free to let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

NB: All emails can be found on my Pinterest board.

1. Boohoo
SL: Destination 2017 | #imneverlost

Chosen for:
+ Editorial look and feel within the email – breaking the grid.


2. Google Local Guides
SL: Resolve to take great photos in 2017

Chosen for:
+ Mobile first design
+ Simplistic and bold design


3. Kate Spade
SL: hear me roar

Chosen for:
+ Dinosaurs… and possibly a contender for being named “mother of all GIFS”!
+ Strong copy game

4. Nandos
SL: Chef’s hat at the ready…

Chosen for:
+ Web text & background images
+ Eye popping design


5. Feel Unique
SL: Firstname, forget something?…

Chosen for:
+ Use of personalisation within design