Kate Spade Spotlight: Subject Lines & Animation

Kate Spade Spotlight: Subject Lines & Animation

Kate Spade subject lines have been calling out to me for a while now, for 1 simple reason…

Screenshot 2016-01-27 16.30.20

There are a couple of other companies that don’t use capital letters in their subject lines regularly, graze is another one. This trend could be an attempt to stand out in a cluttered inbox, people spot errors when something doesn’t look right so your eye is drawn to that specific email. It kind of looks like it could be personal and from someone you know (..it could also be the fact that both of their logo’s are all lower case and it’s just a branding thing, but that isn’t as fun). Whatever the reason it has my attention, however it’s one of those things, like emojis, as soon as everyone else starts doing it, the whole idea is then, well, pretty useless.

One day, admittedly on pay day, I opened one of the emails. Interestingly, all of the copy is capitalised and they often include a sweet & simple animation. Here are a couple of my favourites GIF’s from the last few months:

SL: a sneak peek…
Date: 29th January 2015

(Click the animations to see the full emails)


SL: too good to be true?
Date: 27th January 2016


SL: our handbag hero (under $200!)
Date: 13th January 2016


SL: new year, new you, new…
Date: 8th January 2016


SL: final hours! enjoy up to 75% off
Date: 28th November 2015

(+ we love a taxi)



I’m sure these aren’t the first companies to do the no-caps thing, i’ll be keeping an eye out for others and similar.