6 times email marketing has made me want things…

6 times email marketing has made me want things…

…that I don’t need, in the past week. Since Monday.

Ok, so I have a bit of an online shopping problem. Especially when I get an email notification, saying ‘yo, buy all this stuff’. This happens a lot, it could be the most mundane of things or really ‘crazy-out-there’ products I didn’t even know existed. No judgement please, let’s see how far you get down this list without wanting to buy something… It’s not just me. (Whispers to self: It’s not just me. It’s not just me.)

This paper from COS:
Estimated spend: I asked around and apparently this would cost about £60 (30-50% off though, so)

This jacket from Moss Bros (and I don’t even really need it):
Estimated spend: £149


This very impractical, yet very sassy, phone case from Lulu Guinness:
Estimated spend: £35
New eyebrows & DKNY bag:
Estimated spend: Probably about £30 for eyebrows and £325 for the bag (£355)

These mobile version ‘glass slippers’ (not going to lie, they’ve been on my wish list for a while now):
Estimated spend: £249

Lots of L.K. Bennett boots and an eratic puppy:
Estimated spend: Eratic puppy (£500) + all the boots (£3000)

Just to wrap up, if I would have acted on every email campaign that made me want to buy something this week, I would have spent £4,318 and had a very obscure wardrobe… and it’s only Tuesday. Good effort to all responsible.

  • Jane Fletcher

    Love those shoes Millie !

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    Hello Millie Bartlett,

    wow every Newsletter design in this is article is nice and awesome. i’m little bit disappointed that few of them are not mobile responsive but design wise its wonderful.