• Brown Duck

    Hi, I noticed you defined a .mobbutton class but I did not see it used anywhere in the code. Can you elaborate on where this should go in the code?

    • Jay Oram

      Hey – I have updated it and removed the class as after testing further it wasn’t needed. Definitely up for lightening code when possible – thanks for the heads up!

  • Eric Joffe


    • Jay Oram

      Thanks for the prompt – it is on the to do list and I will have it done by the end of February!

  • Rob Dinsdale

    Thanks for the post, Jay.
    Like Eric below, I would also be very interested to see how to extend this with VML.

    I think I may have spotted a few little alignment issues when the text inside this button wraps to multiple lines in Outlook – but apart from that, it seems very solid.

  • Garrett Bowhall

    I was checking out the old VML method of bulletproof buttons, and I discovered that VML doesn’t seem to figure out how to adapt to hi-dpi screens. If I set a height of 100px it shows up as 50px on a hi-dpi screen.Does anyone have a thought about how to potentially solve for that?

    • http://ahross.com Daniel Ross

      The v:rect style can be set in PT which scales on Outlook 2013 & 2016. In the bulletproof button code, look for the style section with the width and height and use a convertor or calculator to divide the values by 0.75. and change the PX to PT.