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Facebook ‘Like’ Buttons come to Email Marketing

Email platform provider Mailchimp have announced that marketers will be able to use the latest version of their web-based tool to incorporate Facebook’s ‘like’ functionality directly into email campaigns. The ‘Like’ functionality allows recipients to ‘favourite’ content and share it using the social network – it’s essentially a user recommendation system, which Facebook is using to build their own web search engine. We’ve seen something similar in Share With Your Network, which allowed users to post a link to web/email content via their status update – ‘like’ is an evolution of this which allows content to be aggregated more effectively across the site.

It’ll be interesting to find out how they plan to implement this – the existing functionality provided by Facebook is javascript/iframe based, which have never seen widespread support across email clients.

If they’ve managed to crack Facebook’s javascript based implementation then hats off to the team!

Below is an introduction video from Mailchimp, as seen on Mashable.

Design Inspiration: Bumble and Bumble

It’s another one for the “good but mostly images” folder, but this campaign from Bumble & Bumble just looks nice.

Taking a lead from the site, the creative is playful but stylish – and aside from the large image area there’s a lot of best practice going on, including the hosted link, pre-header, nav and some social activity.

Threadless $10 Sale Email

Not much to say here other than that this looks great, is a great example of best practice and is completely on brand – happy 10th anniversary threadless!