Email Marketing Blog Roundup – Conference edition

Time for a quick look at some of the recent email blog posts. If you spot anything you think should be in here, please give me a shout on twitter – @iamelliot.

Email Evolution Conference Take-aways

Remy Bergsma runs through some of the key takeouts from the recent conference in Miami. Having read through much of the twitter buzz about EEC, I’m definitely going in 2012!

The 2010 Email Marketing Trendies

Nice roundup of some of Trendline Interactive‘s favourite emails of 2010, thanks for including our work on Skype guys!

What’s the ROI of your Mother?

e-Dialog’s Liz Lynch posts thought and discussion on Gary Vaynerchuk’s keynote speech at EEC.

Marketing Sherpa Notes

We seem to be in the middle of conference season – just before the EEC conference was the Marketing Sherpa Email Summit. If you missed out, here’s some excellent write-ups from David Kirkpatrick, Magdalena Georgieva and the Marketing Sherpa Blog.