Email Inspiration: GAP Animated Christmas Email – Get your gifts there on time

Gap Europe’s last minute Christmas campaign features an interesting animated GIF – depicting a present being unwrapped, and revealing the latest order times to ensure delivery before Christmas. Whilst usually it’s advisable to avoid locking such important information within the frame of an animated image, the animation makes the campaign engaging and therefore communicates the message effectively.

Here is the animation from the campaign:

Design Inspiration: Gap – Using a Countdown in Email

At the e-Dialog Aspire conference this week I talked about using dynamic imagery to update images in campaigns at the time the user opens. This technique means that we can update the content in an email in real time, increasing relevance and ensuring the user doesn’t receive inaccurate information.

This campaign by Gap shows a great opportunity for this type of technology – using dynamic imagery the image could display the correct countdown time, tailored to the second that the user opens their email.