5 observations about the B2B email marketing space

The strategy team here have been spending a lot of time on B2B emails recently and in doing so, we’ve noticed a lack of conversation around the topic (it is even harder to find examples, unless you’re a business that actually receive them). To help B2B Marketers we’ve listed 5 key considerations to take into account when planning your campaigns. Continue reading 5 observations about the B2B email marketing space

#FutureOfEmail: The highlights

With around 130 enthusiastic email marketers in attendance, the conversations (and beer) flowed effortlessly. We even managed to quickly round up a decent £153.10 for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal – thanks to those that were so generous!

It was a great turnout and the response was reaffirming of the communities’ desire to learn and talk email; the waitlist was bursting at the seams. With that said, if you weren’t able to make it (or just want to re-live it) here’s a quick recap:
Continue reading #FutureOfEmail: The highlights

Using Twitter to find the best time to mail your Email Newsletter


There’s an interesting idea on Toddle’s blog about using Twitter to find out the best time to send your mailing based on what time and day there is the most chatter about your brand, product or market niche. It centers around grabbing the RSS feed of a Twitter search, and running it through Google Reader in order to get some tangible statistics around post frequency.

I know online experts will fret over the best time to send an email newsletter until the cows come home, and the reality is that even if there is a best time then it’s definately different for every list, client and even product range, but this is still an interesting bit of insight and it’s very simple to get hold of, good work!