Want to provoke emotion in the inbox? Use Emoji’s

Receiving emoji’s in your subject lines – love it or hate it?

According to Litmus, the use of emoji’s have skyrocketed 777% year on year – increasing in popularity at such a rate, Oxford Dictionaries named an emoji ‘Word of the Year‘ in 2015.

Thanks to the emoji, subject lines are able to become a lot more expressive. The likes of 😍 and 👻 are creating a whole new language within the digital world…

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The Fold and Email Marketing

Every so often email marketers start to get concerned about ‘the fold’, or it’s equivalent ‘the preview pane’. We look at where the break is, which content will be displayed in the first screen of our campaign, and then start planning our content hierarchy and design around this. Invariably, as a result (and sometimes down to the perceived ‘best practice’) we then start to cram in calls to action, offers, headlines, images, and all sorts of links to things that users don’t care about. Continue reading The Fold and Email Marketing

Email Inspiration: Krispy Kreme – Don't forget the rings Harry!

Spotted on Litmanlive’s blog, here’s a cool campaign from the UK arm of Krispy Kreme – a really simple concept but a great example of using clever, timely copywriting to drive the message.