Treatwell: Transforming B2B Email Design

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B2B email has had a tough ride. Its reputation has been brought about from years of terrible templates and campaigns being let go in to the world, traumatising the eyes of those who dare to peer into the awaiting mountain of samey subject lines and cold call equivalents! Ok, I’m being a bit dramatic but you know the reputation I’m talking about.

Well, that’s all changing. It first came to our attention earlier this year, when our client came to us with a template rebrand for both B2C and B2B… but this time something was unusual, the differences in branding were miniscule. Treatwell are well known for their creativity and their eye-catching ads, we found it a breath of fresh air when they suggested giving the same inbox experience as their consumers, to their partners and suppliers.

As I mentioned in my last post, it can really be difficult to find examples of B2B emails as you have to be in the industry to experience them. Treatwell have kindly allowed us to showcase some of their example templates.

Treatwell – Not your average B2B templates…

“The philosophy was that even though we’re talking to business owners, we’re still pushing the Treatwell brand, their values, and their personality, and so we wanted the emails to reflect that, much the way the B2C emails do.” Gary Kemp – Designer at Action Rocket

Whilst perusing Treatwell’s templates you’ll probably find yourself admiring a few things:

  • Consistent Branding makes it easy to identify who the sender is for both B2B and B2C. The team have really dedicated time and effort into making this a priority.
  • They’ve thought about the key information that business owners want to see and they’ve clearly stated these in one of the primary modules, using their custom  icons.
  • Going the extra mile – they aim to pull in key trends, personalised information and tips for their B2B users, adding value to their regular content and to their relationship.
  • Animation is used tactfully to pull attention to key information or in enticing header images.

Full Email (Scroll to see it all)

Stand out animations

A B2C comparison…

As a consumer, Treatwell’s emails are a delight to receive; they brighten any inbox, are easy to read and always have great animations. The fundamental goal of the email is vastly different so you can see how the modules adapt to fit each need case. Take a look at an example below.

Full Email (Scroll to see it all)

Stand out animations

Hopefully these emails show how B2C tactics have a place within the B2B space engaging and exciting B2B customers catching their eye and proving the days of bad stock photos and letter style email’s are coming to an end… fingers crossed. 

Let us know what you think and if this article has been helpful. This is the third in the series digging into the B2B space. Keep an eye out for our next subject series which is coming soon.

Millie Bartlett
Strategist @ Action Rocket