Infographic: What your email account says about you

The guys at Volt workforce solutions have produced this intriguing infographic, looking at the types of email client different US professionals use when applying for a new job.

As with the email viewing habits infographic we posted yesterday, it’s worth remembering that these results may not match those of your specific email list – the sample here is people using email to apply for a new job – but there’s some interesting takeouts:

  • The big three webmail clients own almost 3/4 market share (remember that these can all be viewed on a mobile, so that’s not necessarily 3/4 of the market using a browser)
  • IT, Technical and Creative workers are more likely to have Gmail than Yahoo Mail, but conversely more than half of light industrial users prefer Yahoo.
  • Accounting and finance professionals are 60% more likely to use Aol than other users.
  • People who are educated at an university level are more likely to use Gmail than Yahoo, however a large amount of those educated to high school level use Yahoo Mail.

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    I imagined something like this about general profile of  people that use particular provider. I’m IT professional and gmail is my number one choice, but I have yahoo and hotmail accounts as well as some others.