Father’s Day Emails To The Rescue

If you are like me and struggle every year with what to get your Dad, then one of these emails might inspire you just in time. Father’s day falls on Sunday the 16th this year (if you’d forgotten) and socks, gimmicky gadgets and random kitchen utensils may not cut it for the fourth year in a row. The following emails prompted me to look in places that wouldn’t have crossed my mind otherwise. Here are some campaign clippings I have received this week, one of which got themselves a cheeky conversion.

Subject line: ‘Give your dad the world this Father’s Day! Get a £50 Gift Card for only £30‏’

Subject line: ‘Father’s day: Gourmet membership + free gift for just £29.95‏’

Subject line: ‘Don’t forget Father’s Day! Save on the best gifts + WIN with I Want One of Those‏’

Subject line: ‘New on iTunes: Father’s Day Gifts, Newspapers and Magazines, This Is 40 and More‏’

Hopefully, these examples have given you some inspiration if you are still to get your dad a little something for this Sunday. Let us know your thoughts and of any campaigns that caught your eye.